Technical Articles by Woods

Contributing Writer for "International Photographer" Magazine, 1996 to Present 

International Photographer Magazine "The Future of Cinema," July, 1999, a discussion about the convergence of technology in film and television.

 International Photographer Magazine "Protecting Your Vision On Film with Frame    Leaders and Chip Charts,"April, 1999, a treatise on the importance of establishing the edges of the frame, and the colors in the scene, for future exhibitions, particularly in the HD environment.

 International Photographer Magazine“Shooting for the Editor…Composition, Movement, & Matching,” Nov., 1998

 International Photographer Magazine  “Finger Painting With Light…Reel time ‘Plug-Ins,’” July, 1998, a discussion of the difference of in camera effects versus post CGI effects, and how to marry the two.

 International Photographer MagazineLens Personalities,” June, 1998, a perspective on what makes wide angle, normal, and telephoto lenses different, and how to use them to express the script and story points.

 International Photographer Magazine“Formats, Fields & Standards:  Some Encounters with Super 35mm and Other Thoughts,” May, 1998, a look at various Super 35mm ground glasses and the resulting post-production issues.

 International Photographer Magazine  …The Future of Television,” April, 1998, an update on digital TV and the Federal Mandate to the network broadcasters to shift to digital broadcasting.

 International Photographer Magazine“COLORIMETERY:  Light, Object, Viewer, and the Rubber Ruler,” March, 1998, color theory and the real affects on film emulsions.  By Joe Tawail, and edited by Mark Woods.

 International Photographer Magazine“From Candlelight to Daylight,” Jan., 1998, a discussion how and why different color temperatures can change the film’s effective speed resulting in incorrect exposures.

 International Photographer Magazine“Panavision’s PanaFlasher & the Arri Varicon:  Two Tools for Flashing Film,” Nov., 1997, an in depth comparison of flashing film with two different methods with an explanation how, and why, the results differ.

 International Photographer Magazine“How to Effectively Use the Gray Card,” Sept., 1997, the definitive discussion of how to use the 18% Gray Card, and why it’s so important for the Cinematographer to use it to communicate with the lab.

 International Photographer MagazineDigital TV:  Business As Usual,” July, 1997, a discussion of the FCC digital TV mandate, and how it affects the camera department.

 International Photographer Magazine“An Approach to Reading L.A.D. Plotted Characteristic Curves,” May, 1997, A comparison and analysis of Mark Woods’ L.A.D. plotted characteristic curves of Fuji 500 and Vision 500 films

 International Photographer MagazineThe Great American Market”  A Family of Diffusion,” Sept., 1996, a review of The Great American Market’s calibrated diffusion for lights used in film and video production. 

 International Photographer Magazine “CalColor:  Calibrated Color Gels for Lights,” June, 1996, a review of Rosco Labs photometrically calibrated gels for lights used in film and video production. 

 International Photographer MagazineInside the Dream Factory,” June, 1996, behind the scenes, from the first contact with Turner Classic Movies, to the wrap.  This includes a discussion of the 1930’s style lighting. 

 International Photographer Magazine“L.A.D. Testing Procedure – A Testing Method Developed by Mark Woods,” May, 1996, a method of testing film that establishes a common standard for the evaluation of different manufacturers’ negative film stock. 

 ARRINEWS,  "The ARRI Varicon - A Simple Tool for Flashing Film," June, 1998.


Articles About Or Events Mark Woods Participated In



 "In Camera Spring," 1995, “Annual Lighting Seminar Plays to Standing Room Only Crowd.”  An article about the Lighting Workshop presented by the International Cinematographers Guild, Local 600.  The Directors of Photography who appeared; Sandi Sissel, ASC, Mario DiLeo, Allen Daviau, ASC, Dean Cundey, ASC, George Spiro Dibie, ASC, and Mark Woods.

 "American Cinematographer Magazine," July, 1993, “New ABC Sports Graphics Showcase ‘Thrill of Victory.’”  Mark Woods discusses his approach of tying together film elements with the CGI elements to create a series of new exciting and “organic” images.

 "Film & Video Production Magazine," June, 1993, “Cinematographer Mark Woods Carves Out a Niche by Bringing Big Budget Production Values to Cable TV Commercials.” 

 "International Photographer," Nov., 1992, “Eastman Kodak Lighting Workshop”  Cinematographers who demonstrated the art of lighting included; John Alonzo, ASC, Allen Daviau, ASC, George Spiro Dibie, ASC, Gerald Perry Finnerman, ASC, Ted Polmanski, Michael Watkins, ASC, and Mark Woods

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