My Photographic Process & Cameras

I work in a traditional fashion with photographic film processed in a traditional darkroom that is then enlarged onto photo-sensitive paper.  I then tone the prints in different ways that help to express the content of the image.  I only selenium tone or split tone prints with a Sepia Thiocarbromide toner along with the Selenium toner.  

I use a number of different cameras in various formats.  I still occassionally shoot with 35mm, including Stero shots for a Stero Opticon, but my two main cameras are my V8 Deardorff 8”x10” where I also use a 5”x7” & 4”x5” back; and a Pentax 67 with 120 film.  I shoot 8”x10”, 5”x7”, & 4”x5” film.  The 4”x5” camera I generally use is a Sinar (which is a beautiful camera, but hardly a field camera since it’s very heavy).  I used to own an 11”x14” camera, but I sold it since it was too far out of my standard workflow.

I use deep tank processing with D-76 developer that is replenished, although I do use the deep tank developer poured into a smaller tank for the 120 film.  

Pictorialist Photography

The images in this section were all shot with a Pin Hole lens with a Pentax 67.  The average exposure was 1 minute & 15 seconts (:01:15).  No tripod was used.

Huntington Gallery

All of these images were made with the Deardorff V8 8”x10” back.  The Pictorialist Images were shot with a Rodenstock Imagon lens.  The more “normal” images were made with a Turner-Reich Triple Convertible lens.  The focal length was 12”(approximately 305mm lens).  This is an un-coated lens and probably made in  the late ‘30s or early ‘40s.  

Arroyo Series

These images were made with various cameras including my dads 1938 2.25”x2.75” Speed Graphic, the Sinar 4”x5” & 5”x7”, to the Deardorff 8”x10” with it’s old lens.

Still Lifes & Flowers

These images are all staged and lit with strobes or “hot” lights.  Most of these images were made with the Sinar 4”x5” camera with modern lenses.  Many of the flowers shots were made with the Deardorff V8 & and 8”x10” negatives.  A few were made with my 11”x14” camera & contact printed.


All of these images were made with the Sinar 4”x5” camera and lit with strobes.  I used my dad’s Venitian Blind back drop that he made in the 50’s.  

Berkeley 1968-‘73

All but one of these images were made with my Pentax 35mm camera.  The portrait “Contemplation” was shot with a 2.25”x2.25” Hasselblad camera.

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