Fine Art Photography

Artist Statement


With my background as a Cinematographer, I approach my stills as a narrative expression.  More to the point, I try to have the image tell or portray a story to the viewer.  In Moonrise Over Japanese Teahouse (in the Huntington Series), that moment in time existed the moment I exposed the negative, but is timeless in that many people have seen a moonrise over a favorite place.  There is peace and tranquility experienced and shared over the centuries by people who have viewed a similar scene.

The slightly browned gelatin silver prints are split toned.  This is a process where a toner is used that works first on the highlights and pulled from the toner before it affects the entire print.  It is then placed in another toner that works first on the blacks and shadows.  Each print is unique since the process can’t be timed.  The end result is based on what I perceive is happening when I pull the print from the first bleach bath.  I can’t see the print’s eventual result when I do this initial step.  The toning process also adds an archival step to the print process.  And the prints take on a timeless appearance.

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